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Endless online DANCE entertainment brought to you by
multi-award winning choreographer and instructor Rob Fowler

About VTV

Everyone will agree with us that 2020 is a year that will be remembered in history books like no other. Not only we started the year with the devastating images of the bush fires in Australia, we had Harry & Meghan stepping back from the British Royal Family, there will also be the elections for a new president of the United States of America later this year. But maybe what had the most impact on all of us this year,  is the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March, most countries of the world started to go in lockdown. Even when you stayed safe from having the virus yourself, the pandemic might have had a huge impact to your life as well. People lost their jobs, maybe even lost family or friends, we were not able to have a social life in real anymore. Everything went virtual instead. The many restrictions also had an enormous impact on our dance business. Most classes and events had to cancel, and today we still don't know when everything can start going back to the new 'normal'. Choreographers, instructors and artists had no other option than to be creative and come up with some initiatives never done before.

There have been various projects online offering you virtual workshops and classes over the last few months, even some virtual events and socials were organized. Rob Fowler & friends are bringing you the best of all this online dance entertainment, and much more, straight into your living room with the new TV hub launched in July 2020.


January 2022 Our Unexpected Journey Continues!!!!!!!!!! We are now in our new home with lots of Exciting New Projects Events and courses all filmed at El Rancho!!!! 

                   MORE INFO TO COME

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